Pre-teen student with a learning disability
Pre-teen student with a learning disability

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What is the PUPIL Clinic?

The Program Using Psychoeducational Intervention for Learning (PUPIL) Clinic  at Oshawa and Woodbine Psychological & Counselling Services offers individualized interventions to students with learning disabilities and those who wish to overcome obstacles in their academic pursuits.

Young people with difficulties in learning might struggle with anxiety and depression as their efforts in learning might not be reflected in their academic performance. It is important to accurately identify the type of learning difficulties that are present and to assist the young person to effectively address it, thereby improving their school performance and ability to cope.

Psychoeducational Intervention begins with a comprehensive psychological assessment of strengths and needs to identify the difficulties interfering with a young person’s ability to learn. The program is then individualized and targets specific areas to improve cognitive and academic functioning (i.e., in reading, writing and mathematics).

Psychoeducational Intervention is different from tutoring because it identifies the root causes of moderate to severe learning difficulties and explicitly addresses them. It builds on the underlying processing or thinking skills that are needed for a student to learn in various areas. Tutoring typically focuses on teaching specific subject matter.

What To Expect

Based upon current research in cognitive processing (synthesizing input of information into the output of knowledge), executive functioning (goal directed behaviour), and evidence-based strategies to promote learning and the development of reading, writing and mathematics skills, each person will receive a comprehensive assessment and individualized intervention plan. This generally occurs in a one-on-one instruction session per week, with periodic testing, and regular written reports. Costs will vary depending upon the individualized plan. Instruction is provided by professionals (Psychoeducational Interventionist) with extensive training in education, learning disabilities and psychology who work collaboratively with psychologists in the development of the intervention plan.

Who Should Consider Psychoeducational Intervention?

Any young person who has moderate to severe learning difficulties can benefit from targeted, individualized interventions to process information more effectively. Many young people dramatically increase their learning abilities and reach milestones previously thought to be challenging through accessing the PUPIL Clinic services offered at Oshawa and Woodbine Psychological & Counselling Services.

Common Questions

What is a Psychoeducational Interventionist?

A Psychoeducational Interventionist provides individualized intensive intervention, conducts formal and informal assessment of academic skills and utilizes specific, and when appropriate, alternative teaching strategies. He/she has extensive training in learning disabilities and other forms of learning difficulties, with additional training in psychology. Training also includes experience with intervention strategies specific to learning differences.

A Psychoeducational Interventionist works collaboratively with a psychologist to set goals and develop an intervention plan that addresses not only academic difficulties, but also psychoeducational aspects of life-long learning.

What is the time commitment?

Depending on the severity of the learning needs, a student may require support for several months or several years. Some will need support throughout their entire academic career.

The student’s learning needs will determine the frequency and duration of sessions. Typically, parents can expect that student will receive psychoeducational intervention for one hour, twice per week.

What is the cost?

Intervention programs are tailored to meet very specific needs of each student. Therefore, the cost will vary due to the program requirements.