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Psychological Assessments

Psychological & Counselling Services Group offers a variety of psychological assessments to meet the needs of children, adolescents and adults. We are committed to your well-being as a first priority. Our approach is based on helping you to identify your strengths and address your needs through a collaborative process. We provide the following:

Psychological Assessment to examine cognitive or intellectual functioning (IQ), learning processes, problem-solving abilities, executive functioning skills (attention, memory), visual-motor skills, language skills, adaptive functioning (i.e., day-to-day living skills), personality, social, emotional and behavioural functioning and more.

Psychoeducational Assessment for children and youth. (Click for more details.)

Mental Health Diagnostic Assessment to diagnose a variety of mental health conditions or disorders that impact memory, thought processes and behaviour such as anxiety disorders, depression, biopolar, OCD, anger issues, relationships with others and determine best interventions for treatment based on clinical diagnosis

Neuropsychological Assessment for diagnosis of cognitive and memory impairments, in cases such as brain trauma/injury, tumor, stroke, or dementia

Vocational Assessment to determine an individual’s skills, knowledge and aptitude in a variety of areas, in order to identify level of functioning and decision-making around employment and career preferences.

Rehabilitation Assessment to assess impact on daily functioning for motor vehicle accidents, return-to-work after disability leave or work-place accidents, and post-traumatic stress disorder

Family Assessment, which a systemic, multi-dimensional approach to assess a family’s way of relating and functioning across different dimensions

*An estimate of the assessment fees will be determined following the initial intake. Assessment fees may be covered by third party insurance plans such as extended health care insurance plans, WSIB or MVA. Please contact them directly for further information.