What is Emotion-Focused Therapy?

Emotions are central to the human experience. They can form the basis of our beliefs and influence every aspect of our lives including our work and relationships. When emotions become negative and problematic, sometimes without our awareness, they can disrupt our lives. If they are adaptive, they can greatly enhance our lives. EFT is a therapeutic approach that helps individuals to follow their emotional experiences and provides guidance concerning them, recognizing that emotion, the meanings created by it, and the thoughts that are formed as a result of it, are intermeshed. EFT helps individuals and couples to not only identify their emotional experiences, especially shame, fear, and anger, but to explore and make sense of them, then help to transform and manage them so that they are adaptive, helpful, and lead to important insights.

What to expect

You can expect compassionate, non-judgmental attention from therapists who will help you to recognize and understand the meaning of your emotions and better regulate them. You can expect to collaboratively set goals with your therapist designed to transform negative emotions that are disruptive to your life into more positive emotions that build self-confidence and promote self-worth, as well as increase your coping skills.

Who Should Consider EFT?

If you find yourself experiencing emotional turmoil, and feel as if your emotions are sometimes out of control and negatively affect your life and ability to function, then EFT is for you. If you find that your emotions disrupt your relationships and cause you to feel depressed and anxious, and/or if you are struggling with overwhelming grief then EFT may also be helpful for you.


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