Psychotherapy is often described as “talking work” done with a therapist. The aim is to relieve distress by discussing and expressing feelings, changing thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and habits that may be unhelpful and promoting more constructive and adaptive ways of coping. Generally, people seek professional help when their problem is really interfering with their lives and their ability to function and enjoy themselves. Successful psychotherapy depends on a supportive, comfortable relationship with a trusted therapist.

Psychotherapy can be short-term dealing with immediate issues or long-term dealing with more longstanding complex issues. There are many psychotherapy models including emotion focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and dialectical behaviour therapy.

Psychotherapy may be one-on-one or as part of a couple, family or group. Family therapy is focused on changing the way families interact. It aims to increase understanding and improve communication among family members. Couple therapy helps couples to resolve problems and conflicts that they’re unable to find solutions to on their own. Both partners sit down with the therapist and discuss their thoughts and feelings.

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